July 29, 2011

same old story, new chapter

after 10 years of dating, we finally decided to settledown and make our relationship a legal one. *giggle*

YES!!! we got married last weekend.

will definitely update you lots on the simple yet beautiful wedding of mine. but not here though.

....here's to new direction. the beginning of us.

July 17, 2011

nine . eight. seven. six

oh boy, aren't im glad to see all the 400+ buku doa sudah ber"ribbon"?

anddddd the bunga pahars (home reception + dewan reception) all ready?

eehhh did i tell u we had a realllly last minute changed of plan on the doorgift presentation for the dewan? managed to persuade abah to skipped his interview anddd drove all the way to puchong for this cute, square jars. then obviously have to do a lot of washing laaah kan before i can use it.

jakel, tomorrow i shall i hunt you down!
....yes, i do need some fabric for the jars' cover BUT the most important task would be, where the freaking hell are my curtains? ade hati nak pasang on thurs when the big day is on saturday? *fainted*

July 14, 2011


a soft reminder to you-know-who-you-are that i'll be seeing you lot in 10 days from now! freaking ten!!! at this point, playing a big role as the wedding planner for my own wedding, i can't explain how knackered and worried i am. wedding jitters? *shrug*

anyhooooo, a lot of you have been inquiring on what we, bride+groom, would like to have as our wedding gift. missyF even called me nak tanye my bed size King or Queen time i oncall haritu. rofl. now i know that i'm getting bedding set from her. weeeeeeeee.

so i'm gonna share some tipsy bitsy on how to make us a happier married couple :))

we would loveeee to have:

#1 cash cash cash. the more the better. just kidding :P

#2 pots and pans from tefal

#3 LCD flat screen tv (ha ha ha i can imagine lala's reaction when she reads this!)

#4 honeymoon trip to anywhere in malaysia- sabah, perhentian, anywhereeeeee outside selangor.

#5 UNG DRILL frame from ikea (YES! i want this specific type. lol)

#6 oven

#7 more cash

#8 bedding sets

#9 sandwich maker/toaster

#10 juice maker

#11 vouchers of any kind

#12 washing machine

#13 anything for cooking/ baking

#14 digital frame

#15 YOUR PRESENCE!!!! must come ohkay :))

....aaahhh now i've realised the most crucial thing i want from you lot! warm wishes and prayers that this marriage will lasts till eternity. insyallah.